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Welcome to my Personal Website

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Who am I

Electronic and Computer Engineering licentiate degree holder interested in Web Design, Computer Networking, Systems Administration and Computer Science Security Engineering.

What I'm doing now

Actualmente sou Engenheiro de Suporte/Sistemas e Coordenador do ServiceDesk/FieldServices na Pamafe Informática, Lda. (Empresa Portuguesa de Outsourcing de serviços de informática).

Also, I have work developed on several Web Design projects like you can see in the Portfolio page.

What I've been doing

Collaborated in Research and Development (R&D) projects with LSA-ISEP and LSTS-FEUP (R&D units from INESC TEC).
Worked as IT Manager in Jaime Queirós Ribeiro, SA (Portuguese Construction Contractor), CISTER (R&D unit from ISEP/INESC TEC) and as Network and Systems Administrator in Estin - Estudo e Informática, Lda. (Portuguese IT Outsourcing).

What can you find here

In my personal page you can find:

    • Some information about me and my contact information;
    • Some projects in Web Design;
    • Some relevant links of several categories that I have collected over time.
    • This version of my personal website it's still under construction, if you are looking for additional information from my old website you can still see it here.
Last Updated in 15.08.2017